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An equestrian/country themed shop in Kilkenny and Horse and Jockey selling art, clothes, accessories, Irish craft and homeware. Country dressing and living.

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat: 10:00 - 18:00

Telephone: (056) 778 6527

Tim's a new artist for us here at The Gift Horse.

Known for a daring sense of humour we were smitten with these - smart yet endlessly entertaining.

This one depicts a traditional hunting scene come to a standstill whereapon the fox stops in his tracks and turns round to the ensuing pack.

The inscription beneath reads:

'Women and men full of holler and haroo urge the throng forward."Enough is enough" thinks Mr. Fox.Facing the pack full square, dignity mustered he utters quite calmly "A Word!" Well! The pandemonium - you'd have thought they'd never heard a fox speak before!'

Dimensions (framed): 47.4 x 79.4cm